Life is a Journey

Life is a journey. When I was born, I started my journey, and the journey will last until the end of my life.

Everyone is unique, so does his/her life, there are no duplicates. So I’m always wondering what I’m born for, what should be my lifetime pursuing. The answer, until now, is not clear.

Some people would like to stay in the same place, have a stable job, form a family, then rear the children, when the children are growing up and have their children, help the children to take care of their children, finally, the happy ending. I believe this is a good path to live, but it sounds…er…not so appealing to me.
Then what kind of life do I want? I consider the following as my answer.
  • Do not stay in the same place, go out to know better of the outside world.
  • Travel around the world to see as many beauties as possible.
  • Gain a deep understanding on my major, Computer Science, and use my skills to improve my surrounding environment.
  • Help others and contribute to the society.
I know it’s easy to say than to do. Action!