Write IMEI in Android without Extra Tools

Recently I had flashed my phone to a new rom, everything seems to OK after the flash, except the Android OS keep complaining that I don’t have a valid IMEI.

IMEI is short for International Mobile Equipment Identify, to gain more detail, please read this wiki page: International Mobile Station Equipment Identity.

At the moment I flashed my phone(Lenovo A820t, which use MT6589), I had no idea what IMEI is, so I didn’t backup anything, I have no idea what my phone’s IMEI is. Fortunately, the phone manufacturer had the IMEI pasted in the inner side of the battery compartment. Now I have my IMEI back!

I found several ways to set IMEI to the phone by googling, but most of them need a PC tool, that’s a bit disappointed. If you are using a phone base on MTK’s solution and have similar issue as me, read this post to get some ideas. If you are as lazy as me, and don’t want to download anything or install anything, just follow this post: How to write or change your IMEI on Android. The post gives a general solution to write IMEI, you don’t have to install anything, neither to the phone or to your PC. The steps(same as the post) are list here briefly:

  1. Open dailer.
  2. Dial “#7465625#” or “*#*#3646633#*#” to launch an activity named “EngineerMode”. The later works for me. If both of them do not work, you may need to do more search to find out the way to enter EngineerMode in your phone.
  3. In the EngineerMode activity, under “Connectivity” tab, there is an item named “CDS Information”, tap to enter “CDS Information” -> “Radio Information” -> “Phone 1″(or “Phone 2”, as you like).
  4. In the very beginning of the “Radio Information” page, there is an edit field followed by a “SEND AT COMMAND” button. Type ‘AT_EGMR=1,7,”XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”‘ then tap the “SEND…” button to set IMEI for card 1, and type ‘AT_EGMR=1,10,”XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”‘ then tap “SEND…” button to set for card 2.
  5. Done! Pretty easy, doestn’t it?^_^

Author: Rex Shen

Created: 2014-09-24 Wed 12:53

Emacs 24.3.1 (Org mode 8.2.7c)


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